The real dream is a maintenance free shed, isn’t it? Something that looks nice and stays nice with no effort?

Well, that’s a tall order for any one to fill, especially on a budget. But below find our easy tips and tricks for keeping that backyard storage looking new with little time.

1. Keep the grass trimmed around the bottom.

Ideally there’s some kind of foundation, (like stone or lumber keeping it elevated) but not everyone is able to do that, if that’s you just be sure to keep that grass coming up around the shed nicely trimmed during the summer, not only will it save your siding from rotting or getting dirty, it makes the shed look much more in place and clean cut.

2. Touch up the paint.

Many places will stock the paint they use so you can always go back and get some touch up paint or really get ahead of it and order some right when you order the shed to insure you have something to cover those dings and scratches. It keeps your siding covered and protected and your shed looking brand new.

3. Clear heavy snow off the roof.

If you’re anywhere near us, you’re bound to get some (a lot) of snow, it’s always a good idea to clear the shed roof off when there’s a significant amount piled on that doesn’t seem like its going to be melting any time soon. It’ll keep the roof from sagging later on and keep the roofing nice for longer.

4. Don’t hit it with your car.

This should be a given, but you never know. Watch those rearview mirrors! (just kidding, I think we all know not to hit buildings if at all possible)

5. Keep the gutters cleaned out.

We all know this one, but even on your garage or storage shed, be sure to keep those gutters cleaned out to avoid overflowing, clogging, and breakage.

6. Keep the shingles clean.

Try to avoid moss or any other things growing on your shingles, it won’t protect them but damage them. If you do have some moss on your shingle some moss killer should do the trick.

7. Check the locks.

It’s important to keep our stuff safe so make sure you regularly check the locks and security features to make sure they are up to date and work properly.