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Spring has sprung!

You know what they say, April showers bring may flowers. That is an accurate statement for anyone living in New York State. (We’re all still patiently waiting for the May flowers) But it’s definitely evident that spring is here, from the birds chirping, to the trees bearing beautiful buds, to the grass turning green and…

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Ordering a Shed

Sometimes the thought of ordering a shed can feel overwhelming, so let me walk you through our easy ordering process here at Kauffman Building. Whatever kind of shopper you are, we have a process great for you! First, you’ll want to know all about our great styles, sizing, construction and specs. If you’re a visual…

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Shed Maintenance Tips

The real dream is a maintenance free shed, isn’t it? Something that looks nice and stays nice with no effort? Well, that’s a tall order for any one to fill, especially on a budget. But below find our easy tips and tricks for keeping that backyard storage looking new with little time. 1. Keep the…

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Our Story (in short, really short)

Over 20 years ago Mr, Kauffman, an ex-Amish man of big ideas and a truck load of faith, started a company building sheds in Madison NY, where he also pastored a church. Several years later, him and his family, his business, and his church moved about 45 miles south to Bainbridge, NY. There he established…

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